Isabel Hospice business sponsorship


We invite you, as a local company, to join us as business sponsors of a worthy local charity: Isabel Hospice. It’s an arrangement that benefits us all. As local businesses we get to raise our profile and increase our good will in the local community; and Isabel Hospice get much needed resources to help local people in terminal care, and make their final months more comfortable.

We appreciate that, in these lean times, charity begins at home. So you might welcome the opportunity to do your business a bit of good whilst supporting a worthy local cause: the Isabel Hospice for the sick and elderly in Bishop’s Stortford and Hertfordshire.

Here’s how it works. Simply agree to become a business sponsor of the Hospice for under £5 a week over the period of a year. In return, we will supply you with a publicity pack identifying you as a sponsor, including logo artwork for you to use on your business stationery, window stickers for your office and company vehicles, and an official certificate to display in you reception or boardroom.

It’s a public relations opportunity that will raise your company profile and increase your good will in the local community. And, of course, you’ll have the satisfaction of supporting local people in terminal care, and making their final months more comfortable.

As a locally based advertising agency we’re giving our services free of charge to create the above mentioned publicity material. All funds donated will be passed directly to the Hospice, and we will make no production or administrative charges, so you can be sure your money goes exactly where you intend it to go.
With thanks for any support you can give.
Yours sincerely,

Richard Taylor
Managing Director


Please click here to view the Isabel Hospice business sponsorship page to download the sponsorship form.